P3 Kids Fit Berwick

With footy and netball season over for the year, many kids and parents are left wondering, what now for off season activities?

…….It’s actually time to hang up the footy boots and netball uniforms for a while!

A big misconception is that kids need to continue playing or developing skills during the summer to get an edge on their peers. Some parents get worried that their kids might get left behind, but trust us kids are not going to forget how to kick a footy or catch a netball.

If you really want to improve in-season performance kids need to focus on strength and conditioning in the off-season.

There is nothing wrong with ball handling during the week and having a play around to work on skill development but the intensity has to be low in order to recover properly from all the heavy games and training throughout the season. Too much on field/court over the course of the year will increase muscular imbalances and ultimately lead to injuries. Players need time to rest and recover by correcting flexibility and mobility issues while strengthening muscles that get under used on the field/ court.

With that being said, there are many types of summer activities kids can do to stay fit and in shape while having fun doing it. The best all-around athletes are those who participate in various sports or activities during the off-season. There is so much more to athletic development than just on-field/court preparation. If your child really wants to get better on the field/court and be prepared for the next season, they should be doing some kind of strength and conditioning program.

Introducing P3 Fit Kids. P3 Fit Kids is the perfect combination of games and strength and conditioning for kids in the off season. Offered each afternoon from 4 – 5pm (Mon – Fri) it is the perfect way for your child to keep active and moving in a group environment and also includes a free swim after each session, because recovery is everything! Kids can choose to attend as many sessions a week as they would like, as it is all about having fun and having a break from in-season programs.

P3 Fit Kids is also the perfect platform to the 12 month SEEPA (South East Elite Pathways Academy) program, which in the first two blocks compliments the theory behind kids participating and having fun while building strength and having a break from in-season programs.

Costs: $200 for a 15 pass card, can be used multiple times in one visit (perfect for families with siblings) and can be used as many times as you like in a week. All you need to do is nominate the sessions your child would like to attend.

When: Starting on the 12th of September Mon – Fri at 4pm

Where: 53-55 Enterprise Drive, Berwick.

Ages: 7 and up.