Preventative, a better expense than curative treatments and cheaper than your daily cup of Joe.

With life spans increasing and participation in sports longer it is imperative that we look at ways in which we can prolong our involvement in our chosen sports and decrease the risk of injury and more so career ending injuries.

There are three main components to any effective injury management:

  1. Injury Prevention

  2. Injury identification and treatment

  3. Injury rehabilitation

Some people think that working on preventing an injury is a costly treatment and something that is usually reserved for the very elite.

We often see or hear about the best of the best such as LeBron James using equipment for treatments, aiding in his training and to some extent probably assume what he is doing is the latest, expensive treatment and out of reach for us mere mortals. Throw in words like hyperbaric chamber, pro-ice and recovery pump boots and our minds usually assure us that we are correct in assuming only multi-million dollar basketball players have access to this stuff.

How wrong we are, everyday elite and local sportspeople have access to the latest prevention and recovery equipment at P3 Sports and Recovery. Here is the brief overview of what each of those fancy word treatments does:

Hyperbaric Chamber

A single use of a hyperbaric chamber provides up to 300% more oxygen saturation, allowing wounds to heal faster, swelling to be reduced much more quickly, restoration or increased blood flow to injured areas accelerating healing, aiding in detoxification and promoting general wellness. It aids in prevention by increasing energy levels and overall wellness.

Pro ice treatments

The decreased blood flow helps to decrease swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm. Pro ice treatments can help in the prevention of repetitive stress injuries.

Recovery Boots

Recovery boots are a dynamic compression device designed for recovery and rehab and they help you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation, which means you can go harder and faster. Because they increase blood circulation and are equivalent of an active warm up without expanding energy they are fantastic for preventing injury prior to play.

Throw in an ice spa, magnesium pool, hot spa and sauna and P3 Sports & Recovery offers a complete preventative and recovery centre which once again is normally reserved in sporting temples for the elite.

Preventing injury is the cornerstone of any holistic sports training program and basically, without it, it is like having a protein shake without the protein. In terms of costs associated it is hard to place a cost on the longevity of continued involvement of sport and wellbeing, so really there is no comparison.

The cost of a membership at P3 Sports & Recovery for the wet & dry treatment areas including recovery boots with unlimited use is shy of $3 a day……you can’t even get an almond de-caf latte for that price, ok any kind of latte.